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York based web design & print company. DepthChargeDesign offers all businesses both small and large cost effective website design.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, to give customers who dont have a website and update businesses who have old style sites.
We sell and setup domain names and hosting servers.

Prices starting from just £49 our basic websites come complete with domain, emails and hosting

A typical £49 site comes with 3 webpages. Offering web design in York, Leeds, Manchester & London, we now have over 300 active sites online today, all with happy customers.

Design Strategy

Your website strategy is very important and before you can really focus on your content you need to answer the following questions.

Firstly, what is the purpose of your site? Is it a marketing tool, a shopping cart to enable online sales, or both? What are your objectives?

Secondly, what are your strengths and weaknesses? if you were in your visitor's "shoes", would you buy from the site and what would make you return?

Thirdly, how is your income going to be generated? Will it be from advertising, from site membership fees, from affiliate programs, or from selling your own product?

What are your capabilities and how will you use them to maintain a competitive advantage over your rivals?


The Purpose of Your Site

Informational sites usually make their income from membership fees, advertising, commissions, or selling at the back end.

E-commerce sites usually make their income by selling a product or service.

The main objective of informational sites therefore needs to be to maximize your site membership, or your subscriber list. Site usage could be regarded as the internet's equivalent of intangible assets.

The more information the site gathers about its subscribers, the more valuable the list is because it allows marketing to be targeted at specific groups of people, defined by where they live, how much they earn, whether they are male or female, etc… However it is also VERY important that any subscriber list is entirely opt-in because they want information from you.

Website Content

The content of your site is the single most important aspect of your website. And the reason for this is that there is no point in having a site if no one wants to visit it.

However this reason is very linked to how well your site will rank on the search engines.

You see, one of the major factors search engines use to rank your website in the search results, is its link popularity. Other sites will link to you if you have good content which they think people will want to read.

Therefore if the content of your site is not interesting and current, you have no chance of ever ranking high on the search engines.


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